PCR SNP genotyping assays detect differences between individuals based on genetic variation. These assays must be specific enough to detect single base pair mutations. Our Developments

Probe Chemistries


Quantification Assays allow researchers to determine how many copies of template are in a reaction based on when the fluoresence reaches its detection limit. These assays must be sensitive and reliable since small variations could lead to inaccurate quantification. Our Developments



Multiplexing allows you to detect multiple DNA or RNA targets simultaneously. These designs are particularly hairy because of cross complementarity between all those primers and probes. But don't worry, we're experts at them. Our Developments

Custom PCR Assay Development for Research Laboratories and Biotech Companies.

Have you ever designed an assay that requires constant troubleshooting and still gives you poor results?

Are you struggling with a multiplex assay where the negative controls constantly amplify?

Wish your Ph.D student could move onto more important things than designing and optimizing PCR assays?

Fluoresentric offers this service to research laboratories and biotech companies that need to stay productive in this competitive market. We know the actual cost of designing, optimizing, and ordering primers and probes yourself. After all, it's our business.

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